Monday, November 19, 2012

Top 3 Reasons to consider an Enterprise Information Portal? (EIP)

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« Since there are few organizations of reasonable size that couldn’t leverage these benefits in a significant way, an Enterprise Information Portal (EIP) will likely appear on the IT departments’ short lists once resources become available here are my top 3 reasons to move an EIP to the top of the list. »

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Entando and Social Business Intelligence

Last Post From the Blog Entando Universe :

The paradigm of Social Business Intelligence comes from the simple consideration that managers generally do not use business intelligence application (due to unnecessary complications and lack of  understanding) but need:
  • dashboards accessible from various devices (desktop or mobile) that show the synthesis of monitored performance (sales, accounts receivable, purchasing, logistics, HR, etc.), leaving it to technical people the ability to navigate the wealth of information reporting functions and detail
  • share and comment (socialization) amounts with colleagues (wherever they are) to speed up decisions on actions or corrections
  • add crowdsourcing functions on various topics relating to individual performance to stimulate ideas and suggestions for improving the business organization

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Thank's to Gianni Previdi - Ceo Kyros

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Entando in production: how to prepare a server, how to deploy your Entando based application

Today I suggest you to read the new Entando  guide, "Entando in production: how to prepare a server, how to deploy your Entando based application".
You will find all the necessary instructions to configure an Ubuntu server, install Tomcat, Java, Postgresql and of course Entando
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Friday, October 12, 2012

Think G-Cloud 2012

Entando will attend to the « Think G-Cloud 2012 » event and it is a Gold Sponsor.

The event will be in London, on Thursday 18th of October at Business Design Centre.
The Think G-Cloud 2012 agenda aims to reflect the dynamism of its subject matter. This programme is designed to keep the interest and relevance of the day focussed right until the end. Often conference numbers trail off after lunch as it is felt the real attractions are in the am sessions. This is not the case with Think G-Cloud. This day is designed to inspire from start to finish.

Entando will hold an interactive workshops  »Open Source Software in Government: The Art of the Possible’ during the seminar section.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Entando Events – Open Source IT Solutions for companies and governments

 Modean, Michelangelo Business Center

 Entando will attend to the event “Open Source IT solutions for processes of collaboration, social CRM, BI, E-commerce for companies and public organizations.”
The event will be held in Modena, on Thursday 27th of September at 2:30 pm at Michelangelo Business Center.
For more information visit the Entando website.