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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Create an Entando Page Template Bundle

From Entando blog
In the latest Entando versions a new object is coming "Bundles".
BUNDLE! what is this?
Bundles are "off-the-shelf" solutions website which developers can seamlessly add to their portal  ie
  • Page Templates
  • Type of Contents (ie News, Announcements, ...)
  • Widgets
Read it 

Here the link where you can find all the file mentioned in the section:
We need now to update the following files

Friday, December 14, 2012

SOA and Enterprise Inter-Operability with a Portal

Last Post from Sam’s World
Enterprise based portals employ a desirable set of functional characteristics that provide value any number of ways. While ROI and other business calculators are engaged to offer a compelling business argument to the introduction of a company based knowledge repository, my focus will instead lie with efficiencies derived from penetrating the middleware platform of an enterprise. Several benefits provided through the use of web-based portal services & SOA are what I will explore in this post. There is a dominant, myopic perspective in which enterprise portals are viewed as an information architecture and not for what they are – an application. The architecture establishes the foundation for a common view of the data, applications, and a common management interface for content. However, the real benefit of an enterprise portal comes from the convergence, not from the web based display mechanism. This fusion differentiates enterprise portals from a collection of web sites by offering
  1. universal access to information,
  2. role-based personalization,
  3. cross-application workflow,
  4. common content management, and
  5. centralized user management.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Enterprise Portals Deliver Unmistakable Value for Today’s Business Needs

New Post from Sam’s World

Organizations that employ and support a distributed workforce increasingly face a dilemma. The absence of critical information often has a negative impact on employees whose livelihoods remain dependent on the access to data housed in company repositories. To address this issue, businesses are increasingly turning to portals to fill this void.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

A case for Horizontal (Enterprise) Portals in Universities

New post from Prem Kakani on Entando Universe Blog
Portals, as all major research organizations like GartnerForrester et al agree, have become one of the most visible information technology (IT) issues today. It is no different in the education vertical with many of the famous universities in the western world having already deployed their own portals. This blog provides an executive overview with an understanding portal beneļ¬ts and some of the concerns associated with their implementation. This would have more relevance with the smaller educational institutions in the western world, and probably more so to almost all of the educational institutions in the developing world i.e. areas like South and SE Asia. These parts of the world, while having higher technology participation in delivery in the corporate sector, more often than not, lag far behind in their tech initiatives in the education sector.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Top 3 Reasons to consider an Enterprise Information Portal? (EIP)

Last post from  the Sam’s World Blog
« Since there are few organizations of reasonable size that couldn’t leverage these benefits in a significant way, an Enterprise Information Portal (EIP) will likely appear on the IT departments’ short lists once resources become available here are my top 3 reasons to move an EIP to the top of the list. »