Thursday, November 29, 2012

A case for Horizontal (Enterprise) Portals in Universities

New post from Prem Kakani on Entando Universe Blog
Portals, as all major research organizations like GartnerForrester et al agree, have become one of the most visible information technology (IT) issues today. It is no different in the education vertical with many of the famous universities in the western world having already deployed their own portals. This blog provides an executive overview with an understanding portal beneļ¬ts and some of the concerns associated with their implementation. This would have more relevance with the smaller educational institutions in the western world, and probably more so to almost all of the educational institutions in the developing world i.e. areas like South and SE Asia. These parts of the world, while having higher technology participation in delivery in the corporate sector, more often than not, lag far behind in their tech initiatives in the education sector.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

CEO Blog: The Economic Outlook and Technology Decisions

From the Infobright CEO Blog I suggest to read this post 
I was reflecting over Thanksgiving dinner about the recently completed US election. The back-and-forth about “our plan” versus “your plan” versus “jobs” versus “tax cuts” has tapered off a bit post-election.  But it hasn’t totally gone away.  And lots of people have the same view today that they had a month ago in terms of whether the economy will be well served or undermined by the election results. Many of these folk fall into two sub-categories. The first subgroup is made of people in the US who believe the outcome of the election was not really going to make a material impact on the economic outlook, one way or the other. The second subgroup is much, much larger. It is made of people everywhere else in the world, where concerns about the economy on both a local and globe basis are ongoing. In  Europe, there is widespread concern about the gravity of the economies ranging from Greece to Ireland to Spain and others. Asia has a different set of worries. And while many feel the economies in North America, the U.S. in particular, is beginning to rebound, it is hardly « strong. » So what does that mean as far as technology?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Devoxx 2012 is over

For the second time I had the opportunity to participate in this great event where once a year the java developers gather this week full immersion to meet during the many activities planned and why not even in front of a good Belgian beer.
This year I was also present as Devoxxians whow what a thrill, a talk where talk of our platform Entando "The advantage of Using Rest API's in Portal Platforms to extend the reach of the portal.". Boys emotion to no end.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Top 3 Reasons to consider an Enterprise Information Portal? (EIP)

Last post from  the Sam’s World Blog
« Since there are few organizations of reasonable size that couldn’t leverage these benefits in a significant way, an Enterprise Information Portal (EIP) will likely appear on the IT departments’ short lists once resources become available here are my top 3 reasons to move an EIP to the top of the list. »

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Entando and Social Business Intelligence

Last Post From the Blog Entando Universe :

The paradigm of Social Business Intelligence comes from the simple consideration that managers generally do not use business intelligence application (due to unnecessary complications and lack of  understanding) but need:
  • dashboards accessible from various devices (desktop or mobile) that show the synthesis of monitored performance (sales, accounts receivable, purchasing, logistics, HR, etc.), leaving it to technical people the ability to navigate the wealth of information reporting functions and detail
  • share and comment (socialization) amounts with colleagues (wherever they are) to speed up decisions on actions or corrections
  • add crowdsourcing functions on various topics relating to individual performance to stimulate ideas and suggestions for improving the business organization

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Thank's to Gianni Previdi - Ceo Kyros