Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Why CRM in a Portal?

Hi, today I will suggest my last post from
Why CRM in a Portal?
In the past few months I have taken care of marketing, which is to say that I am no longer on the side of those who created the software to meet the requirement of the clients or partners.I have become the one who says, I need this and I need that ...
I began to see how I could benefit by the use of Entando. I knew that one of my problems was the lack of a process to have direct access to the leads created from the web portal.
During my web search, I found a lot of documentation that would cause me to understand how this can be done and it seems that all of this can be solved using a CRM.
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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Enterprise Portals & Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Interesting post (read the post) who tries to put together the ERP and Enterprise Portals. I can add that in addition OpenBravo why we could not insert openERP

I think I would come back to brief the argument to see the possibilities of integrating ERP and Entando

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Entando Analytics

Pour les entreprises, avoir une solution professionelle d'analyse est un facteur prépondérant pour la prise de décisions. Souvent, les portails n'ont pas de module d'Analytics. Entando connais l'importance de fournir à ses utilisateurs un module Analytics qui leur permettent de gèrer les décisions.
Types de Analytics fournies par Entando
  • Sales Analytics - pour se connecter à n'importe quel CRM et comprendre mieux à quel point sont vos ventes et vos clients
  • Portail Analytics - pour analyser la fréquentation de votre portail et récolter les informations de façon a planifier les campagnes de marketing
  • Business Intelligence - par le biais du plugin de Pentaho vous pouvez utiliser les outils de la BI
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