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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Learn R for beginners

I which to thanks @Computerworld's Sharon Machlis to put is Beginner's Guide to R available as  downloadable PDF.


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Step by Step guide to learn Time Series Modelling

Hi all, thank's to Tavish Srivastava I finally found a useful post about Time Series.

here is the part 1 intro:
Regression Models, both linear and logistic are an inevitable part of Analytics industry. Take a flashback & recall, when did you built your last Time Series model. Time series models are very useful models when you have serially correlated data. In case you have never built a time series model or you struggle with some concepts of time series models, you have landed at the right page.
and this the part 2 intro:
This is the second part of the step by step guide to Time Series Modelling. In the first part, we looked at basics of time series, stationary series, random walk and Dicky Fuller test. If you have not read this article, I would suggest to go through that first.
In this article we will talk about handling time series data on R. Our scope of this article will be restricted to data exploring in a time series type of dataset and not go to building time series models.  In this article I have used an inbuilt dataset of R called AirPassengers. The dataset consists of monthly totals of international airline passengers, 1949 to 1960. This article will help you explore the data step by step and we will make predictions based on this data for the number of passengers post 1960 in next few articles.
My suggestion read and test it Part 1 & Part 2 


Thursday, January 15, 2015

My Body, My Life, My Health Data (James M. Connolly)

Interesting post about eHealth Data 
Of all the data that we produce throughout our lives, is there any that would be more important to have on hand in a single place? Let's face it, the time when bones are breaking or chest pains are, as the doctor says, "radiating" isn't the time to try to remember when you had that surgery many years ago or which of several sound-alike drugs you actually are allergic to.

(Image: Flickr)
While it can be difficult for us to remember all of our history and conditions when we are in pain, it's horrifying to have to go through that process when we are trying to answer for an incapacitated child or other loved one.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Data Mining on Facebook Data : Basic Tutorial

Hi Guys,
from 's blog a very simple step by step guide on how to obtain an Access Token from Facebook and start to do Data Analysis using R.
Very clear simple and easy to use
Read it

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Entando Analytics

Pour les entreprises, avoir une solution professionelle d'analyse est un facteur prépondérant pour la prise de décisions. Souvent, les portails n'ont pas de module d'Analytics. Entando connais l'importance de fournir à ses utilisateurs un module Analytics qui leur permettent de gèrer les décisions.
Types de Analytics fournies par Entando
  • Sales Analytics - pour se connecter à n'importe quel CRM et comprendre mieux à quel point sont vos ventes et vos clients
  • Portail Analytics - pour analyser la fréquentation de votre portail et récolter les informations de façon a planifier les campagnes de marketing
  • Business Intelligence - par le biais du plugin de Pentaho vous pouvez utiliser les outils de la BI
Pour plus d'info