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Friday, October 21, 2011

Pentaho tutorial

Working on the Entando/Pentaho integration I found this  etl-tools tutorials pages with a  lot of  real-life examples

Monday, February 15, 2010

Brute Force your OpenERP data integration with OOOR inside the Kettle ETL

OpenERP is all the rage among open source ERP's but its native import/export have limitations when it comes to data integration. Server side OpenERP import/export is powerful but not so easy to get started and get interfaced. On the contrary, the famous Kettle open source ETL from Pentaho connects to almost anything, any SGBD thanks to the JDBC connectors, any CSV, Excell files...
With TerminatOOOR you have all the power of the full OpenERP API right inside your ETL data in/out flow. You can do any Create Read Update Delete operation enforcing the access rights of OpenERP. But you are absolutely not imited to that, in fact you can just do anything you would do with your OpenERP client: click buttons, perform workflow actions, trigger on_change events... This is because OOOR gives you the full access to OpenERP API.Thanks rvalyi (more...)