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Friday, August 11, 2017

O.S.A. another way to write User Stories?

Anyone who uses, or has knowledge of, Agile methodology like SCRUM, Kanban, Extreme Programming, ... knows what the Users Stories are. For those who do not know what they are, here there is a synth summary:
Users Stories are cards that follow these basic rules:
  • As a user/ admin / customer
  • I want to ...
  • So that I can ...

In his book "User Stories appliedMike Cohen describes them in this way:

What Is a User Story?
A user story describes functionality that will be valuable to either a user Purchaser or purchaser of a system or software. User stories are composed of three aspects:
  • A written description of the story used for planning and as a reminder
  • Conversations about the story that serves to flesh out the details of the story
  • tests that convey and document details and that can be used to determine when a story is complete
From April 2017, I've been attending the training course  FLY program in Cagliari (Find the Leader in You). Fly is a program of Roberto Re, with Special Thanks to coach Eloisa Bonetti

The program will be based on a cycle of 8 lessons, and the topics of these 8 lessons are:
  • Effective Communication
  • Persuasive Communication
  • Time management
  • Mental attitude
  • Body language
  • Transactional analysis
  • Public speaking

During one of these lessons about time management and goal setting, it was presented the O.S.A. Table (Scope Objective Action). In Italian OSA can be seen as the conjugation of the verb "to dare". The principle is simple, you draw a table with 3 columns and you insert your goal, the scope of this goal and the actions to reach the goal.On returning home, I was still wondering if this technique could be used for the drafting of user stories. I tried and I have to say that the result is encouraging. 

Table OSA

Detailed Plan
  • Create Suppliers DB
  • Create Suppliers UX
  • ...
Defined specifically,
  • The system must allow device vendors to register
  • To be able to create a catalog of devices suppliers (PC, Tablets, Laptop, ...)
  • To be able to allow students to spend buyer vouchers at listed suppliers
  • ...

Tuesday, January 10, 2017 - 3 Ideas to Improve a Scaled Sprint Review

In this blog post Barry Overeem share th challenges he faces within Amsterdam Airport Schiphol describing some experiments he might try to deal them.
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Monday, December 5, 2016 - The Three Pillars of Empiricism

Empiricism  means working in a fact-based, experience-based, and evidence-based manner. Scrum implements an empirical process where progress is based on observations of reality, not fictitious plans. Scrum also places great emphasis on mind-set and cultural shift to achieve business and organisational Agility.
Thank to Hiren for this post

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Changing Agile Roles - The Managers - Agile Musings

Learn more about the types of managers on an agile team and the changes traditional managers need to be aware of to be successful.
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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Traduzione in italiano del libro "Kanban & Scrum - making the best of both"

Fabio Armani ha tradotto il libro "Kanban & Scrum - making the best of both"
Potete scaricarlo seguendo questo link su InfoQ

Grazie Fabio per l'ottimo lavoro


Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Tao of Scrum

The Underlying Tao

The Way is Transparent.
The Way should be Inspected.
What is Inspected should be Adapted to.

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

5 Levels of Agile Planning: From Enterprise Product Vision to Team Stand-up

To day I need to suggest a paper that evaluates agile practices when applied in multi-team and multi-person-year projects. Download it here