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Thursday, October 20, 2011

How REST replaced SOAP on the Web: What it means to you

Its been slowly creeping up on us, creating exciting new possibilities for our applications; APIs are changing the face of the Web. Since 2005 Programmable Web have been tracking SOAP and REST APIs available to the public.  In 2005 they tracked 105 APIs, the prominent ones being from Amazon, Google, SalesForce and eBay... 
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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Announcing Bonita Open Solution 5.4

BonitaSoft announce the release 5.4 of his open source bpm product Bonita
From the Bonitasoft web:

Major benefits of this version include:
● Improved modeling usability: It is now possible to create and update even more complex process models with Bonita Studio. Users can easily move in the process diagram (i.e. zoom in and zoom out), move and align blocks of steps, as well as customize the display of diagrams.
● Advanced customization possibilities: Users can now create totally customized forms for their BPM applications (with their own HTML code input, conditional page flow, and form redirection). The Bonita User Experience BPM portal can also be customized to adapt to any organization’s graphical and functional requirements
● Fast and easy deployment: Bonita Open Solution deployment has been streamlined so that it can now be achieved in a few clicks — and in REST mode. Bonita Open Solution is also available in Tomcat and JBoss bundles, allowing fast and hassle-free production deployments.
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bonita - Using the REST API

Today I updated my LinkedIn profile, I have decided to join the Bonitasoft group (it 's an open source BPM tool, more info go to website).
I finally found this simple tutorial to understand the use of the Bonitasoft REST api.Thanks Ben